Photos & Success Stories

Mimi & Pip

Mimi and her daughter Pip were adopted from an animal shelter in February, 2010. They now enjoy their lives as fully litter-trained house rabbits who get the run of the place complete with supervised outdoor time in a fenced yard. I wasn't sure how much personality each of them would have, but all I had to do was wait and see. Mimi is highly food-motivated and loves lounging by the fire in the wintertime and binkying in the morning. Though she isn't much for being picked up, she loves being pet on the ground.  Pip is the adventurer; she frequently jumps on the couch or the bed and is often the first one to hesitantly explore a furniture rearrangement.  Having house rabbits has been a great experience, and I think they enjoy it here, too :)

Sylvester was taken to the shelter after someone let him "loose" to fend for himself.  He was malnourished and was very distrusting of people after his experiences in the wild.  After he was adopted and started on a balanced diet he began to thrive.  He is the first one to greet you in the morning and loves his vegetable dinners.  He doesn't like to be held but will sit with you for hours to be pet.  At 9 years of age, he is happy, healthy and continues to thrive.

Ridley was taken to the shelter with his 5 siblings, mom and dad.  He is a poster rabbit for spaying and neutering rabbits as they really do multiply that quickly!  Ridley is a total goofball who gets into everything.  Bunnyproofing the house was especially important with him as his adventurous nature has him testing out every nook and cranny.  He enjoys people and will usually jump up on the couch just to see what is going on.  He particularly enjoys spending time with his hound dog friend, who was also adopted from the shelter. After a slow and planned introduction, they can now spend supervised time together.