Make Mine Chocolate
When the excitement of Easter is over, a great number of rabbits purchased as Easter presents will fill local animal shelters or be "released into the wild" -a polite way of saying abandoned to become food for predators.

To break the cycle of acquisition and abandonment, Bozeman Rabbit Resource supports Make Mine Chocolate!™ to help get the word out about the responsibilities of rabbit ownership. Unless you are committed to providing as much care for a rabbit as you would a cat or dog and are willing to give your rabbit a happy home for 8-10 years, please purchase a chocolate Easter rabbit instead.

 One neat idea is to purchase chocolate from Rescue Chocolate, a company who donates 100% of net profits to animal rescue organizations around the country. 

Rabbits are not disposable pets. Please help to make Easter a happy time for rabbits, too.

Three baby bunnies,"we are not toys"